I am Abdulrazak Rogo

I help small businesses get real result from their marketing strategies,so they can be visible,recognized and remembered

Name: Abdulrazak Rogo

Profile: Entrepreneur

Email: info@abdulrazakrogo.com

Phone: +234(0)8165245592


Business Development 65%
Marketing & Negotiation 60%
Web Development 79%
Creative Design 87%


Hausa 91%
English 55%

Abdulrazak Rogo is an accomplished digital designer and web developer. He focused on creating smart, provocative, conceptual and effective website, logos, brands and various print materials. He has been the mastermind behind several advertisements for small businesses including Solution Point Group and several startups. He has also collaborated with several software developers to design front-end for their new projects.

Abdulrazak believes that every business deserves to look its best without breaking the bank.

Abdulrazak grew up in northern Nigeria, where his original goal was to become an electrical engineer. However, growing up he always has a talent for drawing. After his secondary education, he spent three years as designer at God’s own Printing House (Abuja) where he developed his skills in creative design. In 2016, he left God’s Own Printing House to further his education.

Abdulrazak holds ND in computer science from Kano State Polytechnic. During his school days he worked as freelancer to support his study. After graduation he was contacted by several companies to develop a website and graphics for their company, and soon he began receiving more requests. For this reasons, he started his own online graphic design company, called EasyLife Creative Studio. Despite his busy schedules, Abdulrazak has written two free eBooks (The Missing Puzzle, 1st & 2nd series) to help young entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

Abdulrazak was into relationship with Rukayya Abubakar (a fellow entrepreneur in making).

I'm here to help

Here are three things you need to know about me

My Focus

You want take your small business to #NextLevel. Bottom line, that's what I do. From Kano to Lagos I helped dozens of brands find their voice in a noisy, digital world as I continue to develop my own

My Philosophy

Don't take yourself too seriously, be flexible and believe in change. Just because something is working doesn't mean it can't be improve. Even the best can be better.

My Vision

To combat unemployment and poverty by engaging and encouraging youth for skills acquisition and business management skills.









My life as a creative designer

Here's what I've done so far

Entrepreneurship Development and Support Initiative

Web Design / 13 Dec. 2018

Ionized Kangen Water Limited

Web Design / 08 January. 2019

Nurse In Eden Health-care Services

Web Design / 12 Nov. 2018